Can the kids pick their own strawberries?  Children are welcome in the strawberry field under parental supervision.

What should I bring with me to pick berries?
We provide you with berry boxes to pick into.  Bring them back year after year to support sustainable farming!  Wear comfortable clothing that can keep you cool. Hats, suntan lotion, shoes with closed toes and no heels, and a bottle of water will help keep you safe and cool while picking in the fields.

How do I know if you’re open or what field you are picking at on a specific date?
You can call our farm crop report at (352) 735-1996 or for up to the minute details of picking schedules, visit our FACEBOOK PAGE. During the harvest season, the message is updated frequently with all the necessary information you need.

How much do the strawberries cost?
$3.25 per pound at the you-pick price

How do I choose which strawberries to pick?
Look for vibrant red strawberries, with few green areas. The caps and berries should look fresh and clean. Berries should be plump. The size of the berries differs with the variety and is not a sign of flavor or quality.  Don't pick the flowers, those are the next baby strawberries starting to grow!

What's the best way to pick the strawberries?
When harvesting strawberries, gently lift the green leaves to find the berries hiding underneath. Pick a berry that is red all the way around - they will not ripen more once they are picked. Gently pinch the stem of the berry at least ¼ inch from the berry between your thumb and index finger. Leaving a stem on every berry will help avoid bruising the fragile red skin of the berry and help the berries to last longer once you get them home. (It also makes them easier for dipping in yogurt, chocolate or other favorite dips!)

Will they ripen more after I pick them?  
Strawberries, unlike many other fruits, do not ripen after they are picked. So, be sure to pick only the berries that are brightly colored red, and fully matured.

How do I store my strawberries when I get home?
Strawberries are very perishable; handle gently. Protect berries from direct sunlight, especially when traveling in the car for a long time. Store in a cool place or refrigerator.  Wash in cold water RIGHT WHEN READY TO EAT!  Remove stems after berries are washed. Use the ripest berries first.

How do I freeze my strawberries?
Simply wash and drain well on paper towel.  Cut the tops off of the berries.  Place in freezer on cookie sheet single layered. After frozen, store in containers.