The Central Florida wine region trends toward dry, mild winter weather and warm summer days which allows for full ripening of the grape and sweet berries creating wines of exceptional character and flavor.  Harry has created award winning wines made from the berries and grapes harvested at the farm and local area. Harry states, “Quality is our mark. We wanted wines from our unique Southern region. Our wines have extraordinary tones and flavor characteristic of a Florida lifestyle.”
We hope you enjoy our wines as much as we did making them!

Strawberry Wine - Our best seller and most popular with both dry and sweet wine enthusiasts.  This dessert wine is best paired with fruit dishes, chocolate, cheesecake and any 'stand alone' occasion.  This wine selection is often used at weddings, family holidays, Valentine's Day and special occasions.  This favorite is made with Oak Haven Farm's very own strawberries. The berries are ripened to peak of perfection late in the season that yields a unique strawberry flavor.  Alcohol: 12% - Awards: Silver 2015 Florida International Wine Competition

Blueberry Wine - This wine is made exclusively with Lake County's own blueberries.  This delicious selection is best served either cold or at room temperature.  It is thought to have anti-oxidants and omega-3 health benefits which enhance youth and cancer prevention.  This is ideally service alongside beef, pork, steak, pizza and our favorite, homemade barbecue.  Alcohol: 12% - Awards: Double-Gold, 2015 International Taster's Guild Award, Silver 2015 International Taster's Choice Award, Silver 2016 Florida International Wine Competition.

Our Muscadine Wines:

Carlos - (Sweet and Dry selections available) This is the most popular of the white muscadine grape wines.  The grapes are grown and harvested in the Vineyard at Oak Haven Farms.  They are ripenened on the sun kissed vines with maximum Florida sun exposure to provide the best sweetness and flavor.  This wine is a light golden color that will enhance any chicken dish, seafood, salad and dessert that you have to offer.  This white grape wine comes in both sweet and dry selections to please all connoisseurs.  Grapes:  Muscadine, 100% Farm-grown - Alcohol: 12% - Awards: Silver and Bronze 2015 International Taster's Guild , 2015 International Taster's Choice Award,  Bronze 2015 Florida International Wine Competition

Noble - (Sweet and Dry selections available) You can't beat this all-time favorite red wine. This red grape muscadine wine provides the benefits of omega-3s and anti-oxidants as well as being delicious for those beef, pork, steak and heartier meals.  This deep burgundy wine is ideal for any red wine lovers.  It makes the perfect transition for the novice wine drinkers that are starting to refine their palate.  This grape variety is harvested off the vineyard hill in the temperate climate of Sorrento.  (Check out our Signature Sangria Recipe made with the delicious wine) Grapes:  Muscadine, 100% Farm-grown - Alcohol: 12% - Awards: Silver 2015 International Taster's Choice Award.

Southern Belle - The newest addition to our Sorrento wine family.  Always served chilled, this light Rosé is a semi-Sweet, medium bodied wine.  Pairs well with any seafood, grilled vegetables, alfresco dining, and your favorite BBQ.  Perfect for a wine spritzer!  Grapes:  Muscadine, 100% Farm-grown - Alcohol: 12% - Awards: Gold 2016 Florida International Wine Competition.

All of our wine selections are available at $12.99 per bottle (plus tax). 

We are happy to offer a 5% discount on all half cases (6 bottles) and a 10% discount on all full cases (12 bottles).  Feel free to mix and match all of our different signature wine selections.